all about ME!

Why is it so hard to write about yourself when you’re given a free platform to do it? Suddenly it feels like there’s nothing to say other than the obvious! I can list…

  • My name is Rebecca, but in video games I go by Rivy or Roo.
    • by video games I mean Animal Crossing, because Animal Crossing is the greatest franchise of all time. Warning: thrilling gameplay ahead:

That was 49 seconds of straight heart-pounding insanity.

  • I’m 25, but I’m pretty sure I have the bones of a 6,000 year old mummy. Hence the URL–if I could become a cyborg, replacing all the crummy old parts with shiny new wifi-enabled ones, I’d be all over it.
  • I love spooky stuff. Gimme ghosts, cryptids, aliens, conspiracy theories. The only thing is that I’m actually afraid of bigfoot. And skunk ape. And the yeti. Any incarnation of the ‘Squatch can step off.
  • I’ve probably watched The Office (US) up to 15 times. If Netflix ever loses the rights to the show,

  • After that, I guess I can say I’m an anthropology major and a senior at UMW. Some could say I’m a super-senior. I’ve been there for a long, long time.
  • I’m really into some cartoons as well as some anime/manga. Like The Office, there are some that I’ve watched over and over and over… and over and over. Is it shameful? Maybe.¬†Fun? You know it.


3 thoughts on “all about ME!”

  1. I have been trying all morning to create a new about me page and add a widget in the side bar linking to it, but I can’t figure out how! I am using the same wordpress theme as you, could you help me out? Thanks!


    1. Sure!!! In your wordpress dashboard, click on Pages. There should already be an About page by default (I made mine just by editing the default one.) But if it’s not there then here’s what you do.
      On your dash, hover over Pages, then go to Add New. It’ll look like a new blog post but I think it doesn’t show up in the regular feed. I added the widget link to it by going to Appearance -> Customize (brings me to where I would change my blog background and stuff) -> Widgets -> Widget Area -> Add Widget -> and choose Pages from that list.
      What I’m trying to figure out is how to make the darn font smaller on this theme! I like the layout but no matter what I do, the font is ENORMOUS!

      (forgot a step, had to edit my comment)

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