Back to your roots, Bob

I really like pixel art, but I’m no pro. I decided to do 256 Points anyway. I used to spend a lot of time editing Pokemon sprites and making Frankenstein’s monster-esque trainers and Pokemon, but I thought I’d stick with today’s theme and go Animal Crossing. So here’s my boy Bob the cat.

Bob 2400x Zoom

  Here he is, but smaller! Embedded via WordPress, since flickr doesn’t seem to be a fan of tiny images.

Like my previous project, this was done in I pretty much just used the color sampler and the pencil tool for it, given that it’s 16×16. I started by opening up a teeny-tiny canvas and toggling the grid (which makes it so much easier to look at). I grabbed a reference picture of Bob from the Animal Crossing Wikia so I could pull colors and make it look at least a little bit like him.


Then I got to drawing. I used the circle tool to make his head and the rest was freehand with the pencil. I pulled another sprite from the AC wikia for reference material, but it was 32×32 and I also just didn’t like it very much. You can see it up in the corner being lonely.


As for Bob’s pose – his personality in the game is “lazy,” so a lot of his dialogue is about being sleepy, eating, and living a generally laid-back and slow-paced lifestyle. I thought it was appropriate to have him relaxing with his hands (or paws) behind his head and his eyes closed. Having closed eyes also saved a bit of room on his face for his goofy mouth.

I did end up shifting him one pixel to the right and giving him a left elbow after all was said and done – the single blank column on the righthand side seemed wasteful.

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