Rumor has it, if you slow the song down…

If you slow the song down by 800%, you’ll hear a secret message. Oddly enough, the song is Icelandic pop sensation BABBA’s Disc– I mean, Swedish supergroup ABBA’s Dancing Queen. I’ve always been a big fan of hidden messages. When I was a kid, I remember finding out about backmasking: playing records backward. Hearing Stairway to Heaven backwards for the first time scared the heck out of me. How’d they do that? Was it on purpose? Did someone just come up with those words and make me believe it? Or how about the Beatles – is Paul dead or what? He’s obviously been replaced. The songs say so when you play them backwards. It’s cold. hard. fact. Yup.

Then there are ghost voices… voices that come through when you don’t expect them, or when you ask them to. It’s even scarier to think that you could be filming a video, recording a speech or a song, and inadvertently capture someone else on the tape. It’s not you putting in a hidden message, but someone who is still hidden, and trying to come through. And you never know where you might find it. So, about that ABBA song… what did I find at 1 minute, 45 seconds into the classic refrain?

These are the steps I took to find the hidden message within.

It was kinda spooky, right?


Shifting fully out of the story (I had a hard time deciding whether to include a mini-walkthrough in the story itself… as you can see I went for it), here is some more info on how I made the clip and why I made the changes that I did. I used this website to convert the video itself to mp3 for download. The additional sounds I used for this clip are Glitch 08, static noise, and Hello?. All are from

As for the extra audio that I inserted – when I slowed the song down and listened to about half of it, I thought to myself… “this is kind of boring.” I have listened to a handful of other super-slowed-down songs before and enjoyed them as background music or if I was in the mood for some ambient stuff. But I didn’t think there was much I could build around it other than “here’s a song I slowed down for the assignment.” Putting in extra audio and making it a sort of ghost story made it seem a little more fun, to me at least.

Finally, here’s a gallery of how I edited in the extra audio.

2 thoughts on “Rumor has it, if you slow the song down…”

  1. I loved what you did with this assignment! I haven’t had the pleasure of listening to many songs slowed down, but I feel like you’re right some could tend to drag on a bit. That’s one of the main reasons I loved the twist you gave your audio by adding the spooky sound effects. If anything, I would’ve made the ‘hello’ a little louder than the background because it was harder to hear against the music. I love the atmosphere you created and I also enjoy that you always bring it back to the spookiness of your blog’s theme!

  2. Wow. Who knew there was a hidden message in there? I’ve listened to this song countless times thanks to Mamma Mia! I thought you did a very nice job explaining the process that you went through to discover this hidden message. I really like how you’re keeping your posts spooky in nature. I am new to using Audacity and am still learning a lot about what it can do and your detailed steps have really helped.

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