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For my second visual assignment, I chose to do “What a Crappy Font Will Do” not just because the title made me chuckle, but because I do get some sick kicks out of seeing serious companies use comic sans or papyrus. It’s always spas that use papyrus. What’s up with that? Here’s the first of two font-swaps I did:


The font is Heffaklump from dafont.com. The background for the title I scooped right off of Neopets – admittedly, right off of my own login page, because I still log in once a month to put my pets in the Neolodge. Then I selected a color from one of the stars in the background, darkened it, and used it to create a rounded rectangle border. Neopets doesn’t seem to use this design anymore, but I remember it from old layouts and I liked the way it separated the title from empty space.

The actual Neopets logo has little black stars around it, but I’m not really an artist, so I grabbed a transparent PNG of an older logo off google and isolated the stars. In a new layer I pasted the (transparent!) stars in and placed them around the new logo.


For the tagline/hanging sign (which I thought was quintessentially Neopian) again I sampled colors directly from Neopets. In this case, it was the clock in the upper right hand corner of the screen. I kept the base color the same, but darkened the outline color to better match the main title sign.


Now that WaPo is full of whimsy, who will take its place in the world of hard-hitting journalism? No worries. It’s like the prince and the pauper, friends.


The title font is Old London, again from dafont.com. This was a far easier piece to put together, aside from having to figure out what the heck fonts WaPo used for their tagline (Georgia) and date (still couldn’t figure it out). There isn’t much in the way of color and doodles, but I think Neopets now has a quiet dignity.

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