Five final tutorials.

The Secret World of Arriet-flea

For most of my media pieces, I’m hoping I’ll be able to provide thorough walkthroughs of how I went about making them. I’ve been putting everything together in galleries since sometime in week 2, since I tend to take a lot of screenshots as I go and I don’t want to take up too very much space on a blog that already has font problems. (I have a lot to say about my font in my final summary.)

  1. Visual – The Forrest Gump Project – 4 stars

visual - nonii at VJ day kiss

For this one I used this image of the famous V-J Day Kiss in Times Square. This was done using

2. GIF – Stereogifs – 1 star

This one wasn’t on the list of required media, but I wanted to add another visual element as “proof” that my cat was a time traveler. For a 1 star assignment, I had a lot of trouble with it, but that’s probably my own fault. Using the Stereogranimator was frustrating, but I was too stubborn to give up. Like the Visual, the base for this GIF was made using

The mistake I made was uploading only a single image of my cat to the website instead of the side-by-side image – what it created was a horrible monstrosity. I was so confused about what I had done wrong until I looked at other images that were on the site. I’m glad it gives you the option to make your own changes to stereograms that already exist, like this one. I didn’t know what the heck I was supposed to upload that would work until I saw what the parts were supposed to look like.

3. Video – Swede a Scene – 4.5 Stars

I want this video to immediately stop existing and be erased from anyone’s memory as soon as they’re done looking at it. I spent a long time on it, but oh my god does it look like I made it in 5 minutes. Honestly though, the worst and most time-consuming part of it was waiting for all the videos I took to sync to my google photos. The second most time-consuming was definitely cutting out all those freaking wormhole dealies. This… thing… was made with Windows Movie Maker.

4. Audio – Soundscapes – 4.5 Stars

This one I had a lot of fun with. It might not really sound like anything – the only knowledge I really have of soundscapes is through a joke on The Office. I think mine ended up more like a song, but I tried to have it tell a little story. The journey starts with a meow!, goes on as you pass by some big ol’ space things, and then something funky happens and time starts to warp. A for effort, right?

Anyway, this was done using Audacity and an enormous number of clips from I’ll link them below the gallery.

Freesound Sources:
TimbreMagic Wand
orangefreesoundsLife in space synth loop
suonhoMemoryMoon space-blaster
mattpavonePlanetary Flyby (faster)

5. Design – Newspaper Design – 4 stars

Design - Newspaper

Very time consuming, for some reason. Despite the entire right-hand side of the paper, I like how this one turned out. For this assignment I ended up having to use both as well as GIMP (for an early step). A lot of the line art is from The Noun Project.

The rest of the work was very much like the 7th and 8th images where I worked on filling out the body of the newspaper. I tried to come up with a good “in-story” reason for why the newspaper is crooked – so I included a snippet about my cat declaring that all ancient cats had always preferred crooked newspapers. At least they make good use of the extra space!

The Secret World of Arriet-flea

Let me start off by saying this: humans are dumb. They are so self-centered, they think that only they could be smart enough to be historians, or spies, or the great thinkers. I’m living, hopping proof that anyone can be brilliant. I’m a flea, and I’ve got a tiny conspiracy theory to share with you.

We fleas like to study our prey before we choose them – that’s another thing humans have gotten WRONG about us. I’ve been watching a certain cat, and there’s some weird stuff going on with her. To put it bluntly, I think this chubster is a time traveler. (And for your information, tinfoil hats do come in flea sizes!) A lot of you might know the classic photo of a man spontaneously kissing a woman in the middle of Times Square. The truth is that that photo has been edited. In my research, I found the original…

visual - nonii at VJ day kiss

So fat, so confused, and so OUT OF PLACE! Clearly she had just popped into that moment in time. In fact, through further research, I came across the following stereogram:

Why would a stereogram, a medium which was only popular centuries ago, exist of this modern cat? And why would it depict her disrupting da Vinci’s work? Because she’s a time traveler. That’s why. It might as well be a photograph!

In all honesty, I want to travel through time. I mean, come on. I’m a flea. We’re studious, but small. We don’t get a lot of chances in life. You know what? I’ve made up my mind. I’m gonna jump onto this cat! Think of all the things I’ll learn… all the flea kingdoms I’ll create and RULE with an iron fist! I have no idea what it might be like to travel through time – when I imagine it, it seems like…

Wow. That’s horrific.

Here she comes! I’ll jump on, but as soon as it gets time travelly, I think I’m gonna close my eyes. I can’t get that horrible thought out of my head. Doctor Mew… no thanks! I hear a rumble, is it a purr? Or are we off already?! My eyes are shut tight! Is this what time travel sounds like?

It’s stopped. Is it over? Something is different. I smell milk… and fish. What kind of horrible time are we in? What society would have milky fish? Fishy milk? Hang on. Here’s a newspaper.

Design - Newspaper

2417! DR. LEMEW?! She really was a time traveler… but she wasn’t even from my time. Am I stuck here now, where Thursday is “Purrsday”? You know, I was right. But this feels pyrrhic. I should have studied a squirrel. I don’t know if I want to live in a time where they actually like crooked newspapers, no matter what some weirdo time traveler says. In fact, I’m pretty sure she’s a liar. No one has ever liked crooked newspapers. Kitty leMew is a FRAUD, and – hold on, let me find the futuristic tinfoil – I have to expose her!