I stole my favorite childhood toy.

Tuesday’s Daily Create asked that we talk about our favorite childhood toy and post a picture if we still had it. I was (and still am) one of those people who can’t look into the eyes of a stuffed animal without knowing in my heart that they’re alive and have souls, so I have had hundreds of them throughout my life. My family calls them “lovies,” I guess because you love on them. That, or you love them and they love you back, because as I mentioned above, they are obviously alive and have souls.

I actually have two favorite toys – the one on the left is the stolen one. A friend let me hold it when I was at her house and feeling anxious, but I thought that meant I could keep it. She was not very happy when I walked out the door with it, but look who still has the dog! Neener neener.

Because I have so many stuffed animals I decided to go with a “jungle” sort of narrative for them all and put the two dogs in some potted plants. I knew I wanted to call them the kings of the jungle, so only a pair of crowns would do. The original photo was taken in Snapchat, mostly because I prefer Snapchat’s shining crown sticker to the crown emoji (I think it stands out and has a more “glowy” effect). The names were done in the Whatsapp photo editor. The entire process was done via mobile, including the upload (and deletion, then reupload to add tags) to Twitter.

Looking back I wish I had grabbed a few more of my old favorites, which include some of my mom’s old favorites as well! I could have placed them a bit lower on the stand to make them look like royal subjects. The dogs themselves are difficult to pose, but I do admit to doing a rush job. Garland (right) is slouched so he looks kind of pathetic. Not very regal.

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