Today’s daily create: an exercise in acceptance! Asked to clear up our life history as though it were browser history, I knew exactly where I’d start – high school.

All I wanted in high school was to be a punk. Or a goth. Or a scene kid. It was 2006 and I was still coming down off that American Idiot high. I wanted to be alternative, not like those boring, all-the-same, dumb, mindless, stupid, insipid, repetitive, redundant NORMALS! So I dyed my hair a bunch of times and wore hoodies with the names of bands I never listened to. In the picture above, I’m wearing a Minor Threat hoodie. I had only heard one Minor Threat song.

One of the most embarrassing things about it is that it’s a picture of me, holding a corgi (named Bailey Anne… the least edgy of names!), in front of a Christmas tree. I’m at my grandma’s house, meaning my grandma had to look at me like that. And that’s not even the worst that she’d seen of me – there was a mohawk at one point too. But here I’m a greasy fraud looking like a fool at my grandma’s house.

Remember that blog Goths in Hot Weather? Maybe I should start a “Scene Kids at Family Functions.” If only I hadn’t deleted so many of my myspace glamor shots out of shame.

The overlay on the picture was inspired by what I remember of the design on the hoodie – the band logo sat on top of a bold blue line and I think there was a thinner line beneath that one. I stuck the words from the Daily Create prompt onto the line I drew (the font is Secret Diary from and added the subtitle for some context and humor.

Here’s the true star of the picture, Miss Bailey Anne. She was afraid of feet.

bailey n me

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