Five final tutorials.

The Secret World of Arriet-flea

For most of my media pieces, I’m hoping I’ll be able to provide thorough walkthroughs of how I went about making them. I’ve been putting everything together in galleries since sometime in week 2, since I tend to take a lot of screenshots as I go and I don’t want to take up too very much space on a blog that already has font problems. (I have a lot to say about my font in my final summary.)

  1. Visual – The Forrest Gump Project – 4 stars

visual - nonii at VJ day kiss

For this one I used this image of the famous V-J Day Kiss in Times Square. This was done using

2. GIF – Stereogifs – 1 star

This one wasn’t on the list of required media, but I wanted to add another visual element as “proof” that my cat was a time traveler. For a 1 star assignment, I had a lot of trouble with it, but that’s probably my own fault. Using the Stereogranimator was frustrating, but I was too stubborn to give up. Like the Visual, the base for this GIF was made using

The mistake I made was uploading only a single image of my cat to the website instead of the side-by-side image – what it created was a horrible monstrosity. I was so confused about what I had done wrong until I looked at other images that were on the site. I’m glad it gives you the option to make your own changes to stereograms that already exist, like this one. I didn’t know what the heck I was supposed to upload that would work until I saw what the parts were supposed to look like.

3. Video – Swede a Scene – 4.5 Stars

I want this video to immediately stop existing and be erased from anyone’s memory as soon as they’re done looking at it. I spent a long time on it, but oh my god does it look like I made it in 5 minutes. Honestly though, the worst and most time-consuming part of it was waiting for all the videos I took to sync to my google photos. The second most time-consuming was definitely cutting out all those freaking wormhole dealies. This… thing… was made with Windows Movie Maker.

4. Audio – Soundscapes – 4.5 Stars

This one I had a lot of fun with. It might not really sound like anything – the only knowledge I really have of soundscapes is through a joke on The Office. I think mine ended up more like a song, but I tried to have it tell a little story. The journey starts with a meow!, goes on as you pass by some big ol’ space things, and then something funky happens and time starts to warp. A for effort, right?

Anyway, this was done using Audacity and an enormous number of clips from I’ll link them below the gallery.

Freesound Sources:
TimbreMagic Wand
orangefreesoundsLife in space synth loop
suonhoMemoryMoon space-blaster
mattpavonePlanetary Flyby (faster)

5. Design – Newspaper Design – 4 stars

Design - Newspaper

Very time consuming, for some reason. Despite the entire right-hand side of the paper, I like how this one turned out. For this assignment I ended up having to use both as well as GIMP (for an early step). A lot of the line art is from The Noun Project.

The rest of the work was very much like the 7th and 8th images where I worked on filling out the body of the newspaper. I tried to come up with a good “in-story” reason for why the newspaper is crooked – so I included a snippet about my cat declaring that all ancient cats had always preferred crooked newspapers. At least they make good use of the extra space!

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