That’s just offensive. Let’s watch it.

For the fourth design assignment, I chose to make a Minimalist Movie Poster – I really like the look of minimalist posters, ads, art, makeup, etc., so I thought I’d try my hand using a movie that I’m a big fan of. I actually didn’t see the movie until I was in high school, probably 5 years after it came out, but I like to think that if I was 12-going-on-13 and saw the poster that I had just made, maybe I would have seen it in theaters.

Imagine. It’s a Saturday in late Spring of 2004 and you are 12 years old. You’re a little bit of a weirdo and you have maybe two friends, and you’re at the theater with your family. What is there to pick from? Shaun of the Dead… you’ve probably already seen that. Kill Bill? Not old enough to go in. 13 Going on 30? Yeah right, mom! Hang on though. By the end of the concession line, there’s a horrible poster just DRIPPING with pink. You’re going to throw up. Pink is so… pink. And you’re 12 and cool and you stay up until 3am with a voice recorder trying to see if there are ghosts talking about whatever thing ghosts talk about. One thing sticks out though. This poster is offensive as heck.


What the frick is a baby prostitute? But 12-year-old you can already kind of relate to the one singled out girl. Yeah! You know what it’s like stick out! To be ostracized! Lindsay Lohan, though? “Maybe she’s the one that smells like a baby prostitute,” you might snort. Surprise: she is. Mom buys you a ticket for Mean Girls, and you’re lucky to see it in 2004 instead of years later, after never getting any of the references. And you love every second of it.

That’s my dream scenario, anyway.

This was a tough thing to make. I went for minimalism but I think I still wound up with a pretty busy-looking poster. It also kind of looks like a polaroid picture, to which I think Karen would say something like, “but it doesn’t look cold…?” And Regina would roll her eyes, because she can’t shake her head, because her back is broken. Anyway, here’s a gallery of the steps I did. As usual, I did this all in my preferred program,

The icon that I used is “girl” by N.K. Narasimhan and is licensed under CC BY 3.0. The original image was resized and recolored for this poster.