Reflection on a photoblitz

I think that of all the things this week, the photoblitz is what I was most nervous about doing. The time limit made me anxious, and rightly so. I didn’t finish in time! I began at 11:13am and went three minutes over the limit. I think I’d blame that on my location choice (way too large) and the story that I tried to tell using the pictures. For some photos, perfectionism got in the way of justĀ getting the picture and wasted a lot of my time.

I chose to do the safari in and around my house (including outside), starting in the basement. The story I wanted to tell was that the Pikachu plush woke up late, slowly and groggily started getting ready (looking out the window and being shocked by how bright it was, putting on a shoe that didn’t belong to it) and then headed outside. It was on the front porch that the day was supposed to pick up for Pikachu. There I played with the lines of the wooden floor (converging lines photo) and the plastic slats of the railing (repeating patterns) before heading to the backyard where Pikachu was to do his “work” as an electrician at the meter before playing around again.

The photos of the fence-climbing (make an inanimate object look alive) and particularly the falling off photo (illusion of motion) were the biggest time wasters. Here’s a dud picture of the fence fall.

fence fall bad

It looks like I pushed him. I did, but I don’t want that on my permanent record. There were about five other photos where I dropped him in front of the camera but I wasn’t able to take the picture in time, so all I have is a picture of a fence.

Additionally, the photo overlooking the creek through the plush’s ears was particularly difficult to take. I didn’t know if I wanted both the ears and the creek to be in focus, or just one or the other. I ended up choosing the creek, but here are a few outtakes.

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My favorite pictures are probably the ones I took on our front porch. I just wish I’d swept the floor and hosed off the railings first. Yikes!

For the converging lines photo, I wish I had lined my camera up better so that the planks of wood were at least coming from each corner of the photo. That was one of the earlier photos that I took and I was feeling rushed, so it got sloppy. The photo of Pikachu peeking out from the slats is just cute. Too bad they’re so grimy! Don’t zoom in!!!

I’m really happy with the way my clock photos turned out. I was originally going to take them with the lights on, but the clock’s face was so bright and I think it lent to the “blech” feeling of waking up late, feeling dazed, and having the day staring you down.

Someone woke up late.

It’s obvious there’s one photo in the safari that doesn’t go with my theme – the “two things that don’t belong together” photo. Meta, right? I didn’t mean for that to happen, I just saw it along the way and snapped a picture of it. The Killer Bunny and the Black Knight haveĀ nothing to do with Pokemon, but they made a guest appearance doing what they do best: not going together. They didn’t go together with this safari either.

Overall, I’d say it was a pretty big mistake to make a safari plan that involved running around the house and having to double back on a lot of places. I’d say that I’m satisfied with how my safari “story” unfolded, though. Pikachu got up late, played around, did his work, got in some trouble, saw his buddies, and went right back to bed. Living the dream (except for the trouble).

Fat Pikachu’s photo safari

I played this one with a handicap I think. I took an old Pikachu plush around as a prop and tried to tell a story through the safari. I definitely wish I had done it on the day I had intended to, because I wanted to use sunlight liberally. Huge mistake on my part for waiting til Sunday morning.