I wish you would stop rubbing that lamp in that creepy way

This one took a long time, both in choosing my wishes and in cobbling them together. Here they are in all their glory.

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I stole my favorite childhood toy.

Tuesday’s Daily Create asked that we talk about our favorite childhood toy and post a picture if we still had it. I was (and still am) one of those people who can’t look into the eyes of a stuffed animal without knowing in my heart that they’re alive and have souls, so I have had hundreds of them throughout my life. My family calls them “lovies,” I guess because you love on them. That, or you love them and they love you back, because as I mentioned above, they are obviously alive and have souls.

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a conglomeration of hellos

I think I must have spent more time customizing my blog’s appearance than actually posting anything. Even on my personal tumblr, which uses a pre-made css, I think I spent upwards of 6 hours tweaking it. It might also be because I’m flying blind and learning as I go. It also took me quite a long time to work up the nerve just to post anything at all. The first thing I did was tweet out a Neko Atsume screenshot, since I’ve been doing that for a while and people tend to like them!

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