A horrified spubble.

I got my first spam comment from a porn blog today, y’all. I was holding off on making a spubble because I just didn’t know what I would caption, but holy moly, this was nasty. The bot wasn’t even trying to hide it. It literally had “pornblog” in the URL. I got online and saw that Akismet had blocked its first spam comment and I thought, “oh, I’ll check to see what it is, maybe it’s a real person’s comment that got blocked for some reason!” Nope.

My spubble is gonna be under the continue reading link, because the picture is extremely goofy looking.

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Back to your roots, Bob

I really like pixel art, but I’m no pro. I decided to do 256 Points anyway. I used to spend a lot of time editing Pokemon sprites and making Frankenstein’s monster-esque trainers and Pokemon, but I thought I’d stick with today’s theme and go Animal Crossing. So here’s my boy Bob the cat.

Bob 2400x Zoom

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Would you buy this paper? Or join this hoity toity community?

For my second visual assignment, I chose to do “What a Crappy Font Will Do” not just because the title made me chuckle, but because I do get some sick kicks out of seeing serious companies use comic sans or papyrus. It’s always spas that use papyrus. What’s up with that? Here’s the first of two font-swaps I did:


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