Week 2: Design… is hard.


This week was tough. There was a lot of ground to cover, and a WHOLE lot of reading/viewing/listening material to take in. I was a little overwhelmed. My biggest mistake was waiting too long to complete the design blitz – I know I could have done better if I had started earlier instead of putting it off until the last minute.

This week I’m still trying to make clear the intent behind the things that I’ve made (thank you Vignelli for really bringing it home that if the purpose behind the design isn’t communicated, it’s probably a bad design). I’m working on trying to put stories to the images that I’m creating – I think the best “story” so far that I’ve done is from my Minimalist Movie Poster post in that it reads like a story. Some others read like food blog posts that I hate… rambling for a few paragraphs before the real party – the recipe and the pictures. I think the biggest missed opportunity this week was my Are We There Yet? image. I could have written something that sounds like a scary story that people post online about hearing rustling in the woods, so they put out a trailcam, and… wow, holy crap, there’s a goblin person with bad posture out there!!!

On a more technical level, I really had some issues this week with gifmaking. In the first assignment, Streamclip would crash after giving me 51 frames every single time. Always 51 frames. In the second, I couldn’t work out how to make GIMP export the gif I had edited to have frames with different durations (eg. the second to last frame was edited to be 1.2 seconds long and the last was meant to be 0.7 seconds. When I played it in the preview window it was fine, but when I exported it, all the frames had the same length.) It was frustrating.

I tried to come out of my shell this week and comment on other people’s blogs instead of just replying to comments on my own, too. Last week I think I only replied to comments that people made on my own posts – I’m really very shy, so commenting on other people’s things is a pretty big deal for me. Big thank you to my peers in this class for being so friendly and making such good work – even if I was scared to comment, the final products were so good I just had to say something 🙂

The first two are comments to Jenna on her posts  Star Donuts and Harry Potter and… Jenna, and the third is to De on her post I put my hand out and they swing.