Week 3: Audio… fun but frustrating

Assignment links:

I had a lot of fun with this week’s assignments. I did however have to cram them all into the weekend because I got caught up with the DELUGE OF POLITICAL NEWS! Not only American, but oh boy, that UK snap election. I’m glad that I’m seeing other people admit to C-SPAN addictions too, because I’ve been setting my alarm to wake up for those early morning intelligence and judiciary committee hearings since March. Release. the. peepee. tape.


Lmao. As if that’s the worst thing they’ve got.

Anyway! Onto this week’s actual stuff. Like I said, I had a lot of fun making the audio clips that I did. I made everything with Audacity, but even though I used the same program each time, that’s not to say I didn’t struggle. I can tell from some of the comments I’ve gotten that I have a volume problem. Some sounds were too quiet, some were too loud. I’m not really surprised about that, but I am disappointed that my volume problem was that obvious. I spent a lot of extra time trying to tweak the volume of each individual track so that nothing sounded too loud or too quiet to my own ears (through earbuds), but something still went wrong on my end!

Working with volume was one of my biggest issues this week. I don’t know if that’s important on a grander scale because hearing is not an objective experience – some people have super-hearing, others might be partially deaf. So my task as a person who creates audio is to make something where all of the sounds can be heard, but if you have to turn the volume up to hear the overall recording, there isn’t a single particular noise that ends up hurting your ear. So complicated.

Looking at other blogs this week, I noticed that everyone else gives a description of the assignment that they chose, as well as a star rating. I’ve just been linking to it like a total moron. I’ve written about why I chose the assignment, but I don’t think I described the requirements and star rating of the assignment itself. Additionally, a lot of people are being really clear about what program they’re using to make the things that they make. I don’t know why, but I keep assuming that the reader will just know. I have screenshots of my process, which include the program I used, but that obviously doesn’t count as much as “I USED AUDACITY!”

It’s tough to give comments that are more than just perfunctory “good job! I love it!” I have a real problem with giving constructive criticism. This week I only managed 4 comments. They were in response to Jenna’s Dear Jolene…, De’s One Last Breath Before She Goes., Mila’s Hearing Double, and K’s On The Radio.

My overall feel for the week: I thought it would be easy to do audio stuff. I was wrong. I’ve eaten my words 100 times over. At least it was fun. Additionally, the WordPress update made my blog’s text enormous again after 1 week of normal sized text. I don’t know what to do with my life anymore.

Shoutout to De for her kickass Weekly Summary style – I thought I’d try her format this week 🙂