Week 4: Not for procrastinators.

Okay, well I didn’t really procrastinate the entire week… just Monday and Tuesday, and then we got hit with a poopstorm of unpredictable events. An emergency doctor’s appointment (all good now), an internet outage, and I fell down the stairs. It sucked. One of the assignments I had originally planned on doing was Where do your shoes take you?, but damn it if I didn’t roll my ankle at the bottom of the stairs and have a black and blue foot now. I’m sure a 90-something second video of me limping my way through life is not the most entertaining thing, though I admit it would have made for a good story.

Young Frankenstein is on Netflix now!!!! FRONKENSTEEN

But yeah, I did put stuff off on Monday and Tuesday, and it came back to bite me in the butt this weekend. I think I did okay on my assignments, but I know that I could have and probably would have done better if I had started on Monday instead of taken the day off to binge watch 30 Rock for the nth time. Side note: if Jack Donaghy ran NBC, would he let that Alex Jones interview air? Would Kenneth? Ugh. I also wonder what Jack’s reaction would have been to this past general election. He’d probably lose it. Same here Jackie D.

ANYWAY! This week’s material was REALLY fun – I really like picking apart movies, even if I might come to a totally wrong and dumb conclusion. If Roger Ebert had seen some of the things I’ve said about some big name movies, he’d probably be like, “oh my god, the poor girl’s simple.” But practice makes perfect, right? I’d like to try his technique of watching movies with lots of people and dissecting whatever scene someone chooses. What I said in my post about the Kids in the Hall sketch might be totally different from what someone else would think, and that’s pretty cool. Sure, there might be some really wrong interpretations, but there are also interpretations that are just different, and those are the ones I’m interested in.

I really loved watching everyone’s videos this week. Some of them were very personal, and some were really light hearted. I think with mine I stayed a little guarded, and having seen what everyone else was willing to share, I feel like a bit of a hermit-y bridge troll now. Below is a gallery of some comments I left for my classmates 🙂 In order, the comments are to Kirstyn, Jenna, George, and De.