a conglomeration of hellos

I think I must have spent more time customizing my blog’s appearance than actually posting anything. Even on my personal tumblr, which uses a pre-made css, I think I spent upwards of 6 hours tweaking it. It might also be because I’m flying blind and learning as I go. It also took me quite a long time to work up the nerve just to post anything at all. The first thing I did was tweet out a Neko Atsume screenshot, since I’ve been doing that for a while and people tend to like them!

I’ve been talking to people online since the 90s and I know how downright mean, but also how totally awesome people can be. I’ve met some lifelong friends, but I’ve also met a lot of total jerks. That’s for sure. I mean, they really sucked. Nowadays, the big ol’ meanies are really into politics (and so am I). I like to have fun with it though, because what’s a crisis if you can’t have a laugh?

actual photo of me trying to keep track of politics

I threw that together about a month ago and I can’t believe it’s already out of date. I hope it’s clear that the upside-down tornado emoji is meant to be a tinfoil hat. I’ve been going through a lot of them. But at least I can relax with some nice summer noises outside!

Lucky for me, the ticket-happy policeman that stakes out the empty cul-de-sac nearby didn’t WOOP WOOP WOOP his siren until after the video. Or maybe it was unlucky, because that is part of the sounds of summer.

This post is still a work in progress… soundcloud link is forthcoming.

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